Guy Cries Out After Girlfriend Of 6 Years, 4 Abortions That He Dumped Placed A Curse On Him

A certain man after 6 years of dating his ex-girlfriend dumped her after about 4 abortions…and according to him, he fell out of love with her.
He then met a younger lady who is about 8 years younger than his ex-girlfriend..and in 4 months he proposed to the new one.
According to his post, he claimed he owes his ex-girlfriend and her parents for his success..
He is now crying out after his ex cursed him. Please read and share your thoughts. Do you think the girlfriend went too far with her curses?
– Yes, I think she went too far..Because she’d have known deep down within her than no man will want to marry the same Girl he keep constantly having sex with for 6 solid years…and she even had 4 abortions. sighs! No man luv! No man…

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